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REVIEW: Roza Natural Cosmetics


I was contacted recently by a lovely lady Alicja. Alicja is from Poland and has been living in Dublin for 7 years with her Husband. Alicja has recently launched a new handmade natural cosmetics range, Roza Natural Cosmetics. The products are made using naturally grown plant oils and are suitable for Children and people with sensitive skin.

Alicja sent me on some of her products to try a few weeks ago and I have used them religiously since and I must say I am very impressed. I am always on the look-out for new natural skin care as I tend to like to switch my routine up every now and then, I find my skin nearly gets used to products after a while and its good to try something different.  Of course, not all the natural products I have tried down through the years have been great. When products aren’t full of “active chemical ingredients” they don’t always have the right consistency or produce great results. However, as the body is our largest organ and can absorb up to 60% of what’s applied to it, I know how important it is to use natural products on the skin and there are many amazing natural products out there that do just as good a job as synthetic and chemical creams.

Firstly I thought the branding and packaging of the products were stunning. I was expecting the creams to come in a more basic “homemade” packaging but these products are packaged a labelled to the high standards of a luxury product which made them feel like a real treat when I received them. Presented in a beautiful gift box, they would make a fantastic present for a loved one with an interest in health. I was sent the Regenerating and Nourishing Face Cream, Lemongrass Hand Cream, Rose Moisturising Body Mousse and a Beautiful Handmade Soap.


The rose fragranced body mousse it’s a really luxurious creamy consistency, It was very easy to apply. It soaked right into the skin rather than lying on the surface like some body creams I have tried and has been great for rubbing into areas where I get drier skin like my elbows, knees, and feet. The fragrance is light and fresh and not too overbearing which I really liked as I hate products that are overly perfumed.  The product also spreads well which means I have only used a small amount and can see it lasting a few months. It says on the info it is also available in a chocolate or coconut fragrance. I’m already looking forward to trying the coconut fragrance coming into the summer months!



The face cream has a rich composition of oils like sweet almond oil, shea butter and rose oil ect. These natural oils protect against UV damage and help maintain moisture balance. The antitoxins found in rose oil combat free radicals which are the cause of sun damage to the skin and ageing. The cream has anti-aging ingredients although I can’t say I have noticed it rolling back the years with me. It contains glycerine which strengthens the epidermal layer of the skin, as it locks moisture into the skin. Glycerine also eliminates dead skin cells that have clumped together by breaking down the clumps that dead cells eventually form. The jar is quite small but retails at €18 which is not bad for a face cream.

I am not a person who uses hand cream very often, at 62 I should probably start! lol. So I tried the hand cream and thought it was nice and soaked in well but as I’m not a regular hand cream user I didn’t have anything to really compare it too.

I did not try the soap as my Daughter loves soaps so I gave it to her as a little treat but it looked beautiful and was packaged nicely, Sarah was delighted with it 🙂

When I first started speaking about safe beauty products 17 years ago most people thought I was mad. Thankfully people are now wising up to the fact that a lot of the pretty packaged toiletries on the market contain a cocktail of dangerous synthetic chemicals. I get asked all the time what ingredients should be avoided in hair, skin and other personal care products.

Here are the top 10 to AVOID in your makeup and skincare:

Sodium lauryl sulfate
Coal Tar
Diethylene glycol

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