How to store Roza Natural Soaps?


It is crucial that you store our soaps in a soap dish with a good outflow of water in between usage. Always keep in a dry place.


What is the difference between Roza Natural Soaps and mass production soaps?


Our Natural Handmade Soap bars clean your skin absolutely naturally. There are no preservatives, parabens, SLS or EDTA added. Instead you will find all the wonderful nourishing oils, butters and vitamin E there to keep your skin moisturized. All our soaps are entirely made by hand. Hand combined ingredients are poured to wooden moulds, hand cut and hand packed, therefore each batch of bars is slightly different both color and shape. We use our own recipe ensuring that the soap is gentle and safe to your skin. Our soaps are efficient and very creamy.


How did you come to choose components for Roza Natural Cosmetics?


Vegetable and non vegetable fats used in the manufacture of Roza’s products are sources around the world. These are natural fats, but also unrefined and refine butters. We use herbs and flowers from friendly and natural farms. Water is bio-compatible, biologically and chemically clean. We also use the raw materials of local and European origin.