Face Mist. Face Toner. Lavender Water.



Try our Lavender Water, fresh and fragrant with a rich floral scent and skin calming, rejuvenating and regenerating properties. Gently cleanses, moisturizes, and relaxes the skin. Has a beautiful scent enhanced by Lavender Essential Oil.


50 ml – Handmade in Ireland

Keep in the cool and dry place.

NO Parabens, EDTA and SLS. 


Lavender water acts as a very mild antiseptic but also has wonderful natural healing properties. Use it as a gentle toner to help sooth problematic skin. Lavender water is an excellent tonic on the skin when you have blemishes, uneven skin tone or acne. The anti-bacterial properties help to kill bacteria in the skin and the toning natural goes deep down into the pores without clogging. It is suitable for skin of all ages


How to use our Lavender Water:


Dispense onto soft cotton and apply to face as needed or spray directly onto face and neck. Use before application of makeup, sunscreen, moisturizer, or as part of your nighttime skin care routine.




This product contains natural substances of plant origin,  so susceptible individuals may experience allergic reactions.







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