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Seldom do I come across a brand that’s both Irish and completely natural that I would be happy to try out. The beauty industry is so saturated that I find it quite over whelming when searching for a new face cream or shampoo, and despite hearing of good newcomers, i’m always wondering ‘is it just a hype?’

When  Alicja of Roza Natural Cosmetics got in touch to see if i’d like to try a couple of her products,  I jumped at the chance because of them using all natural ingredients. I have very sensitive skin so would use cleansers and moistierises stripped of all sulphates/alcohols and anything else that will cause my skin to redden. Finding a homegrown all natural product is a rare and wonderful thing.


The first product I tried was the ‘rejuvenating face serum‘. I’ve tried quite a few serums in my time, I love the silky texture of them and how hydrating they feel. This one I loved because all of the ingredients are natural and it didn’t leave a greasy feeling on my palms after rubbing it in. It was lovely to apply before bed after cleansing – I wouldn’t use it before applying makeup as serums are that little bit too oily so take longer to absorb. I avoid buying serums because they generally have a high price point, but this is only €25!


The second product I tried was the ‘moisturising rose body mousse‘. Light in texture and smelling soft and sweet, you’re to apply it when your skin is still wet after a shower or bath, and it absorbs in seconds. It feels really moisturising without being heavy and greasy on the skin.


An 120ml tub costs €16, so it’s a little more than high street prices for the length it would last, but important to remember it’s much better for your skin than chemically made up moisturisers!


All in all i’d definitely recommend! #SupportIrish!

Louise x

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